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Car Accidents

The scene of a multi-vehicle car accident is often chaotic and confusing to witnesses as well as first responders. In many cases, it can be difficult to see who or what caused the collision. In a recent car accident that left a man injured, it appears as if the fault lies on the shoulders of one or perhaps two motorists.

When the authorities arrived at the scene of this car accident, they saw that a car had struck a private SUV as well as a College Station, Texas, garbage truck. Reportedly, the garbage truck pulled into an outside lane on Wellborn Road to empty a trash bin. An SUV that was behind the city vehicle slowed down in a cautionary manner when the truck stopped. Unfortunately, a car that was traveling behind the SUV did not slow or stop.

The car reportedly struck the SUV and caused it to roll over onto its roof. The car then went on to collide with the garbage truck as well as the city worker who was still outside of the vehicle. The news report does not say if any of the SUV occupants suffered injury. However, the city worker suffered undisclosed injuries that were reported to be incapacitating. It is likely that he will need to consider a legal solution to acquire compensation for his suffering and his injuries.

In this car accident, it appears that the worker bears no fault for the crash. It also looks as if the SUV driver may be guilt-free as well. Despite appearances, however, it will take a careful investigation to determine whether the car driver or the SUV driver ultimately caused the accident. This unfortunate incident is a good example of how important it is to find a legal professional to uncover the facts and help the victim seek an appropriate legal remedy.

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