The Zimmerman Law Firm has strong ties to the Temple community. Just down Interstate 35 from Waco, Temple is a dynamic city. The Zimmerman Law Firm has been representing injured people in Temple for many years.

Interstate 35 cuts right through the middle of Temple. It directly connects the city with Waco, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. In Central Texas alone, More than 220,000 vehicles travel on Interstate 35 daily.

With so much traffic, Interstate 35 is a dangerous place to drive and many crashes happen every day. A lot of crashes on the highway are rear-end crashes. This usually happens when one driver isn’t paying attention and smashes into the back of another car. Sometimes people are distracted with the radio or other people in the car but one of the most dangerous distractions out there is the cell phone.

Rear-end accidents outnumber all other types, and they are responsible for millions of serious injuries over the years – and many fatalities as well. If you are hurt on Interstate 35 or anywhere else, you deserve aggressive, experience representation.

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