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What injuries occur inside or around homes?

If you were to ask most individuals where they're most apt to get injured, they'd tell you out in public in a parking lot, at the restaurant or on a playground. It's unlikely that they'd mention the home as the place that they'd be at most significant risk of harm. Certain dangers exist that put individuals most at risk of getting hurt at home as opposed to in public though.

Pools are one of the most dangerous areas in or around homes. Children who are left unattended may find themselves attracted to jump in the water. It doesn't have to be that deep for them to drown either. Individuals who are fortunate enough to survive falls into pools often suffer severe brain damage. Most people don't survive drownings though.

Do you know the warning signs of brain injury after a crash?

A brain injury could drastically change the life of the person who suffers it and the lives of everyone in their family. Although people can hurt their heads and brains in any kind of accident, car crashes can easily produce serious brain injuries.

The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) could leave someone unable to walk, speak or continue to perform their job. They may require constant care and supervision in some cases. Other times, they may be able to care for themselves but can no longer perform the same job they once did because of their injury.

What can keep motorcyclists safe on Waco roads?

Motorcyclists face certain risks just like any other motorists out on the road. Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that motorcycle accidents may be particularly dangerous though. Their statistics show that 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in an individual getting hurt or dying. There are precautions that motorcyclists can take to keep themselves safe from harm though.

One of the best things that any motorcyclist can do is to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)-approved safety course. New bikers can learn a great deal about how to operate their motorbikes including crash avoidance techniques in these classes. Motorcyclists who take these classes may even qualify for reduced insurance rates upon completion of them.

Watch out for drunk drivers in Waco this New Year's Eve and Day

Next week will mark the start of a new decade. Many individuals will be heading out on New Year's Eve to celebrate this event with other partygoers. Some will attend house parties at a friend or family member's house. Whatever your plans are, make sure to remain extra vigilant for drunk drivers out on the roads here in Waco.

There's a significant uptick in drunk driving arrests and alcohol-involved crashes on both New Year's Eve and Day according to NU Property Casualty 360. Data published by the American Automobile Association (AAA) shows that New Year's Day is the deadliest day for motorists to take to the road. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data from 2015 showed that 42% of all crashes that year on New Year's Eve were alcohol-involved.

Compensation is available for children hurt this holiday season

Many individuals enter into the holiday season intending to create new family memories together. Many people are left with not-so-fond memories when the season comes to a close though. Some individuals find it difficult to envision seeing the holidays in a positive light again because their child was injured or killed in a senseless accident.

There were at least 192,000 children that were seen in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries in 2012 according to Safe Kids Worldwide (SKW). At least 3,270 children were transported to the emergency room after having suffered some type of injury from broken ornaments or decorations. Another 136,314 children suffered burn injuries that same year.

What's the connection between seat belt use and child fatalities?

If someone were to ask you what the leading cause of child fatalities is, auto accidents may not be the first thing to come to mind. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car crashes are the leading cause of preventable death for children here in the United States though.

An estimated 116,000 youths age 12 and younger were hurt in car accidents in 2017. Another 675 children lost their lives that same year. One of the leading causes of death in these instances is a failure to wear a seat belt. At least 35% of the children who died in auto accidents in 2017 weren't buckled up at the time of their fatal crash.

Devastating underride collisions are almost always preventable

There are many different kinds of truck accidents that can occur, but the most frightening and dangerous is probably the underride collision. An underride collision occurs when the force of a crash or a vehicle's velocity pushes a smaller vehicle underneath the wheels or trailer of a massive commercial vehicle.

As you can probably imagine from that description alone, underride collisions often produce catastrophic and fatal injuries for the people in the smaller vehicle. Perhaps the most tragic thing about underride collisions is that, in almost all cases, it is possible for the trucking company involved to have prevented the collision or at least reduced its severity.

Motorcyclists should be proactive in preventing crashes

There are many dangers associated with riding a motorcycle. While many motorcyclists appreciate the freedom that comes with operating a motorcycle in the open air, bikers enjoy very little protection from reckless motorists out on the road. There are some strategies that motorcyclists can employ to remain safe while riding their motorcycles though.

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to getting hit while they're riding their bikes in heavy traffic. One of the best things that bikers can do to ensure that they aren't riding in a driver's blind spot is to ride alongside them instead of either behind or in front of them.

Be careful not to get hurt while out shopping

When people are asked what comes to mind when they hear the word shopping, they often say making purchases. Very few individuals concern themselves with getting hurt while out at the store. Shopping injuries are quite common though. These types of incidents often occur because store owners fail to warn their workers or shoppers of certain hazards or to keep their premises safe.

Shoppers and workers alike are particularly vulnerable to getting hurt if stores are overcrowded. It's often around this time of the year when stores are offering Black Friday sales that customers line up hoping to take home items at a fraction of their regular retail price. There have been incidents in the past in which both store customers and workers have been attacked or trampled by others eager to gain access to a particular item.

What should you do as the victim of a hit-and-run crash?

The rules of the road help keep drivers across Texas as safe as possible. Unfortunately, violations of those rules are incredibly common, which is one of the reasons there are so many collisions to begin with. For example, people know that they shouldn't go over the speed limit or get behind the wheel after drinking, but they may choose to do it anyway, without worrying about the impact their decision could have on other people.

There are also specific rules regarding what a person must do after experiencing a collision with another vehicle, pedestrians or personal property. Specifically, drivers in Texas should stop their vehicles and contact law enforcement in the event of a crash that produces either property damage or personal injury.

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