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How safe is your hayride?

Autumn is a time of outdoor fun for many Waco residents. When attending football games, trick-or-treating or going for a fall hayride, locals find the milder temperatures are a welcome respite from the summer heat.

These fun activities can also increase the likelihood of accidents, however. Today's post will address safety on hayrides.

Common injuries children suffer in the winter

Contrary to popular belief, it can get cold in Waco, Texas. Although the city does not receive much in the way of snow, the presence of ice is sometimes a factor. When it comes to child injury, winter can be just as dangerous for Texas children as it is for kids living in northern states. Further, in most cases, the injuries discussed in this post are preventable. They are also legally actionable if another party's negligence led to the injury.

According to Texas Health Resources, the following list contains some of the most common injuries adults and children in the state experience in the winter.

Being conspicuous can help you avoid motorcycle accidents

Do you feel confident that other motorists can see you when you are riding your motorcycle? Did you know that many drivers who collide with motorcycles claim that they did not see the bike? You might wonder how this can be but it is probably wise to take the statement as truth.

Unfortunately, many bike enthusiasts in the state of Texas have suffered serious injury or death due to motorcycle accidents. In the ever-continuing quest to reduce these tragedies, never assume that you are highly visible to other motorists. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), not automatically assuming you are visible is a great strategy for improving your safety. Other effective strategies endorsed by the MSF include:

  • Wearing bright or reflective clothing and gear
  • Making sure that you always signal your intentions
  • Equipping your bike with front lights, rear lights, brake lights and a horn
  • Formulating escape paths as you ride
  • Assuming other motorists are impaired in some manner
  • Identifying any blind spots that might compromise your safety
  • Making safety your No. 1 priority

Texas worker injured in 3-vehicle car accident

The scene of a multi-vehicle car accident is often chaotic and confusing to witnesses as well as first responders. In many cases, it can be difficult to see who or what caused the collision. In a recent car accident that left a man injured, it appears as if the fault lies on the shoulders of one or perhaps two motorists.

When the authorities arrived at the scene of this car accident, they saw that a car had struck a private SUV as well as a College Station, Texas, garbage truck. Reportedly, the garbage truck pulled into an outside lane on Wellborn Road to empty a trash bin. An SUV that was behind the city vehicle slowed down in a cautionary manner when the truck stopped. Unfortunately, a car that was traveling behind the SUV did not slow or stop.

Driving in rush hour traffic can be nerve-wracking and dangerous

There is little enjoyment in finding yourself amid a rush hour traffic jam. Not only does this slow your progress, but you may also have concerns for your safety and well-being.

Driving in rush hour traffic has a way of raising your anxiety level. Furthermore, rush hour vehicle accidents are common, and that's not something you want to be part of in the future.

Getting compensation for work-related truck accident injuries

As you may know, workers' compensation insurance is not a mandatory requirement in the state of Texas. Fortunately for workers, many businesses in the state choose to provide this important coverage for their workforce anyway. In a nutshell, workers' compensation will step in to cover medical expenses and replace a portion of the employee's lost wages if an accident occurs and takes the worker away from his or her job.

Many of the jobs available in our state involve traveling on Texas roadways. These jobs include truck drivers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers and many others. Because they spend so much time on the road, these workers have an increased risk of experiencing a car or truck accident during the normal course of performing their duties.

Taking action if your child was injured at summer camp

When we send our children off to summer camp, we have faith in the professionals and caregivers to keep them safe at all times. We may know that they will be embarking on adventures and partaking in sporting events, but this does not mean that we think that our children will become injured as a result.

If your child was injured at a Texas summer camp, it is important that you consider the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the injury and ask yourself whether you believe that the summer camp leaders could have prevented such an accident. If you do think that something could have been done to keep your child safer, you may want to read more about how the law works in regard to personal injury cases such as these.

School bullying might lead to legal action from parents

A child who is being bullied at school can be impacted in many different ways. There is never a situation in which bullying should be allowed in schools. The school system should take steps to prevent these types of situations and to stop them if they occur. Parents who have children who are the victims might wonder what they can do about these matters. In many cases, there are legal actions that you can take. Here are a few points to know about bullying in schools.

Around 70.6 percent of students say they've noticed bullying in their school. Close to the same amount, 70.4 percent, of school staff members say the same things. Around 30 percent of students admit that they've bullied others when surveyed.

Is the interstate more dangerous than a normal road?

For many young drivers, the interstate feels more dangerous than a traditional, two-lane road. Everything moves quickly, they have brand new skills to learn regarding merging and ramps and they feel like an accident on an interstate would result in greater injuries.

However, the reality is that the interstate, according to highway engineers, is far safer than older, two-lane roads. The system was specifically designed to be as safe as possible.

Loose clothing and machines do not mix

It is very important for those who work around heavy machinery to know the safety hazards that come along with wearing loose clothing. It should always be avoided when there is even the slightest risk.

The problem is that loose clothing items can often get caught in the machines, potentially causing severe injuries. For instance, one man was working near a tractor, digging holes, while wearing a jacket. That jacket got snagged in a spinning bolt on the tractor. He was dragged into a hole and crushed before anyone could turn the tractor off. His injuries were so catastrophic that he died before emergency crews could take him to a hospital.

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