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How does comparative negligence after a car crash affect you?

Many people assume that only one person can be responsible for a car crash. In reality, the contributing factors that lead to a significant automobile collision can be very complex. Even situations that seem straightforward may have complicating factors that aren't obvious on the surface.

Everything from the condition of a vehicle to the health and attentiveness of both drivers can contribute to a collision. Sometimes, one driver makes a major mistake like merging into traffic or heading the wrong way on a one-way street.

A Temple man dies when his motorcycle collides with a vehicle

A 23-year-old Temple man lost his life when his motorcycle and a car collided in Waco late in the evening on Feb. 2.

According to a spokesperson with the Waco Police Department (WPD), disptachers first started receiving calls alerting them to a crash that had occurred along the 1400 block of N. Valley Mills Dr. just after 11:15 p.m. that Saturday night.

Preventing motorcycle crashes starts with you

As warmer weather sets in over the next few months, there will be a resurgence of motorcyclists looking to enjoy the freeing feeling that comes with taking to the open road. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 90,000 bikers were injured and nearly another 5,000 were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2016. Motorcyclists could stand to take some additional steps to remain safe out on the road.

One particularly statistic that stood out in NSC's Injury Facts 2017 report is how in 2016, nearly 1,900 of the motorcyclists who lost their lives weren't wearing helmets when they crashed. This is alarming, especially since their research shows that helmets can help prevent an operator's or a passenger's fatal injuries by up to 41 percent.

Who pays my bills if a truck's debris strikes my car injuring me?

Ask any Texas Department of Transportation worker and they'll likely tell you about a variety of items that they've had to remove from the highway. If asked, a Department of Public Safety officer will likely tell you how many of them have caused motor vehicle accidents. If you've been injured by flying debris or by something that was left in the roadway after falling off a truck, then you may be wondering who you can hold liable for paying your bills.

In a state like Texas where motorists are required to take out Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage when purchasing an automobile insurance policy, you'll be able to rely on it to cover your medical bills. If you also purchased medical payments coverage, then you can use it to do so as well. These are your best options if you're injured by debris and you don't know who left it behind.

Can day care workers and teachers be sued for hurting a child?

Most children in America spend the majority of their awake hours under the care of day care workers or at school. While you'd expect for the administrators at their school to properly vet teachers to make sure that it's safe for them to be around your child, they often make mistakes. Then there are some teachers who go even go rogue. If your child is hurt at their day care or school, then you may be wondering what to do.

If your child is hurt at a Waco day care, then you should make sure that they receive medical treatment right away. You then should consult with a Texas personal injury attorney to find who you can hold accountable for what happened.

Waco ranks as one of the safest cities for driving in Texas

A study recently published by QuoteWizard cites Waco as being one of the cities with the safest drivers in Texas.

The researchers took a variety of factors into account, including how many car crashes occurred in the city in order to reach this conclusion. During the most recent reporting year of 2017, there were only 3,500 automobile accidents reported. This was the seventh lowest number of crashes of any city in the state.

Exhaustion in truckers can lead to danger for everyone else

Driving commercial trucks remains one of the best paid positions that requires minimal education in the United States. After all, truck driving is an incredibly demanding career path. Those who drive professionally will have to work very long hours, making fatigued or exhaustion a constant concern. Additionally, the process of loading and unloading trucks, as well as maintaining control over a massive vehicle for hours, can take a great toll on the physical body.

As if that weren't difficult enough, commercial drivers also deal with significant social isolation. Their job could very well preclude them from spending their evenings and time off with their families. Many drivers have to traverse the entire country weekly, if not multiple times a week. That isolation can lead to both drug abuse and the decision to use mobile phones at the wheel.

Road rash seldom kills, but it can if it's left untreated

If you ever research how to prevent injuries when you suffer a motorcycle crash, then you'll likely come across information that emphasizes the importance of you wearing protective gear at all times. A helmet can protect you from head injuries. Specially-designed clothing can protect you from painful and potentially life-threatening road rash.

In case you're not familiar with what road rash is, it's a type of injury that you're at risk of suffering if your unprotected skin comes in contact an asphalt roadway during a motorcycle crash. While in most cases, it's disturbing to look at, and it's painful, it's not normally life-threatening. It can be, though.

Is your employer liable for your car accident injuries?

What happens if you're in a wreck, through no fault of your own, while you're driving a car for work? Do you have to hope the other driver has insurance? Is your insurance company required to cover your losses? Is any part of the damage your employer's responsibility?

In short -- it's complicated.

When can I sue for dog bite injuries suffered in Texas?

It is no secret that American citizens have an ongoing love affair with dogs and puppies of all kinds. Whether they own a mixed breed or a purebred, most people never expect their furry friends to cause other people injury. Unfortunately, dog bites can and do occur in the state, usually on another person's property. Under certain conditions, which will appear later in this post, it may be possible for bite victims to file a premises liability suit against the owner of a dangerous dog.

Over the years, the laws surrounding dog attacks have become complicated in many states. Maybe this is because there are just so many pet dogs in the country, or perhaps it is because too many dog bites occur. In Texas, the law seems simple. There are just a few paragraphs devoted to dog bite law in the state. Breaking it down in an easily understood portion, the law says this about bites:

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