Every car crash has its own story, and its own dynamics. Pursuing a claim for injuries suffered in a crash requires familiarity with all the issues associated with every kind of crash.

The Rear-End Crash

Head-on and T-bone crashes get more attention because they more often result in death, but rear-end accidents outnumber all other types, and they are responsible for millions of serious injuries over the years — and many fatalities as well.

Rear-end crashes in and around Waco and Central Texas happen for a number of reasons: drivers not paying attention, tailgating, and sudden stops. Rear-enders sometimes even involve a larger vehicle or train unable to stop in time. Drunk and distracted driving can also play a role.

Many rear-enders whip the passengers’ necks — the whiplash injury. Other common injuries include disk herniation and head injuries. Passengers toward the rear of the vehicle can absorb more impact than those in the front seat.

Our lawyers understand the physics of the rear-end collision and present your injury logically and conclusively. Let The Zimmerman Law Firm help you maximize your recovery.

We Work Every Kind of Crash

  • Rear-Enders,
  • Head-On Collisions,
  • Intersection and T-Bone Crashes,
  • Rollovers,
  • Sideswipes,
  • Single Car Accidents,
  • Multi vehicle Pileups,
  • Run-off-the-road Collisions, and
  • Off-road and Parking Lot Accidents.

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