Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There is not much to protect a motorcycle rider when a cycle goes down.

The road is right there, and there are no safety devices to minimize impact with other vehicles and objects.

For this reason, even relatively minor collisions can result in life threatening or fatal injuries.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to road burns, lacerations, crushings, gas burns, broken bones, ruptured spinal cords and life-changing brain injuries.

The Waco personal injury attorneys understand what you’re going through and we are committed to fighting for your legal rights and your future.

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Motorcycles Accident Causes in Waco, Texas

  • Drivers and Other Cyclists Not Paying Attention,
  • Cars Turning Into You,
  • Suddenly Opened Doors,
  • Lane Sharing,
  • Getting Rear-Ended by Another Vehicle,
  • Driving Too Fast for Conditions or Circumstances,
  • Hitting the Brakes on a Curve or Turn, and
  • Bad Road Conditions

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In cases of fatal motorcycle accidents, our Waco, Texas motorcycle accident lawyers file wrongful death claims to help you cope with the enormous loss of a loved child, parent, or partner.

Respecting your need for privacy while you grieve, we work discreetly to provide families with closure and financial recovery for this painful event.

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