Michael Zimmerman

Michael is the managing partner at The Zimmerman Law Firm. Michael joined with his father to help the firm grow in 1992. Since that day he has been committed to providing the highest quality of representation to all of his clients.


Robert Cotner

Robert joined the Firm in 1996. Robert is an aggressive advocate whose intense knowledge of the law helps him fight for his clients every day.


J.D. Ressetar

J.D. has had a diverse career. Before becoming an attorney he worked as an investment analyst in New York City. J.D. has successfully handled hundreds of claims since he joined the firm in 2009.


Chris Bennett

Chris joined the firm in 2010 and manages the Austin office. Chris is an effective and zealous advocate who truly cares about each and every client.


Gavin Lane

Gavin joined the firm as a clerk in 2014 and became an attorney in 2016. He has always called the Central Texas area home. Gavin is dedicated to reaching fair and effective resolutions for his clients every day.


Jason Carr

Jason joined the firm in 2020 and became an attorney in 2021. He has worked on a wide array of personal injury cases since he started as an associate attorney.