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As the state capital of Texas, Austin is a combination of a city having a rich Texas history and a modern metropolis. A rapid increase in the technology and development industry within Austin has contributed to it becoming one of the fastest-growing large cities in the United States, according to Forbes.

There are vast employment opportunities within many different industries, including government, music and technology. The University of Texas flagship campus is also located in Austin.

One of the many things Austin is known for is its live music scene. Austin is home to South By Southwest Music, Film and Interactive Festival, one of the world’s largest music festivals. The festival draws tens of thousands of registrants, and hundreds of thousands of people attend affiliated events.

Austin’s mild climate allows residents and visitors to take advantage of all of the outdoor activities available. From hiking and biking to boating on Lake Travis, there are adventures and recreational options for everyone.

How We Can Help

With a growing population — quickly approaching 1 million — and so many reasons to visit Austin, that also means there are many people on the Austin roads. With such a high volume of drivers on I-35, MOPAC, and elsewhere, it’s inevitable that there are also a great number of car accidents in the area. At The Zimmerman Law Firm, P.C., in Austin, our attorneys can help you get the compensation necessary to move forward with your life after a car accident.

We can also help Austin residents with other personal injury matters including premises liability accidents such as slip-and-falls and work injury accidents. If you were hurt due to some else negligence, they deserve to be held accountable.

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