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Car Accidents

In a semi-rural city like Waco, it seems that there’s a story on the news about a head-on crash almost every week. This isn’t surprising. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these crashes are most common in rural areas. They account for 13% of all fatal accidents. These types of collisions often result in significant injuries and deaths. They can be prevented though.

These types of crashes most commonly occur when a motorist crosses over the center line and into the direction of an oncoming car on a highway.

They also occur on interstates too. These head-on collisions happen when a motorist inadvertently makes a turn onto the wrong highway off-ramp. Cars are often in the process of decelerating as they get off the interstate. It’s seldom a positive thing when they crash into slow-moving cars.

Motorists can avoid wrong-way crashes like these by being more observant of street signs and markings on the pavement. Turn arrows that are pointing in the wrong direction from the one you’re traveling in should send a message to you that you need to turn around. You should take time to look twice at any red signs as they’re there to warn you of potential dangers in your path.

If you come upon a vehicle that’s heading in the wrong direction, then you should let off the gas and apply your brake. You should begin sounding your horn to alert the motorist of their error. You should also start turning your headlights on and off to try to get their attention.

When it appears that a collision is imminent, you should do your best to steer to the right of the vehicle coming at you. If necessary, then you should drive it into the nearest ditch, shoulder or parking lot to get away from them.

There are many reasons that motorists leave their lane and travel into oncoming traffic. Some do so because they’re driving so fast that they lose control of their car. Others do so because they fall asleep or drive under the influence of alcohol. These also occur when a motorist attempts to avoid road obstacles or to illegally pass others.

If a Texas driver has injured you in such a crash, then a car accidents attorney can advise you of your right to compensation for your injuries.

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