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Ask any Texas Department of Transportation worker and they’ll likely tell you about a variety of items that they’ve had to remove from the highway. If asked, a Department of Public Safety officer will likely tell you how many of them have caused motor vehicle accidents. If you’ve been injured by flying debris or by something that was left in the roadway after falling off a truck, then you may be wondering who you can hold liable for paying your bills.

In a state like Texas where motorists are required to take out Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage when purchasing an automobile insurance policy, you’ll be able to rely on it to cover your medical bills. If you also purchased medical payments coverage, then you can use it to do so as well. These are your best options if you’re injured by debris and you don’t know who left it behind.

If you were riding behind a truck in Waco when its tire blew out or when a ladder came loose from a work van, then you can pursue damages by filing a lawsuit against the insurance company.

It’s important that anytime a crash as serious as this occurs, you have police dispatched to the scene to create an incident report. This will aid your attorney in proving negligence. If you have a dash camera that captured what happened, that’s even more helpful to your case.

When crashes such as this occur, you should consult with a truck accidents attorney as soon as possible so they can preserve evidence and take witness accounts of what they saw happen leading up to the incident. By doing so, you’ll give yourself the best chance of recovering the compensation that you need cover your lost wages and medical bills.

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