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Premises Liability

For many years, teachers arrived at their jobs largely unconcerned about suffering a work-related injury. Considered one of the nation’s safest industries for a long time, educator positions were highly desirable to those wanting to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults.

Most teachers of today choose to take a more involved approach to educating young minds. Teaching jobs are still desirable, but now those contemplating this career have more to consider before making a choice. Personal safety is high on the list of those considerations.

The following section contains examples of some of the most common work-related injuries teachers in Waco and other Texas cities suffer in the workplace.

Repetitive stress: This is the one type of injury that has nearly always plagued teachers in a school environment. The computerized technology school staff relies on in modern times can worsen such injuries.

Athletic injuries: Gym or physical education teachers are just as athletic as the children they teach. These educators may suffer sprains, strains or broken bones while they are working with kids.

Lab accidents: Science is one of the most important elements of a well-rounded curriculum. The downside to teaching science or chemistry is the risk of injury caused by lab accidents. These incidents may expose teachers to chemicals and other hazardous substances.

Violence: Unfortunately, school violence can occur in any educational setting. Most educators will put their own safety at risk to protect students when violence does occur. This could mean suffering broken bones, stab wounds and even gunshot injuries.

Although educator injuries often occur on school property, a premises liability case is typically out of the question. While workers’ compensation provides medical and financial benefits for injured teachers, it is sometimes worthwhile to discuss the events surrounding a workplace injury with a legal professional.

Seeking advice ensures that you have explored all the options at your disposal and may even maximize the amount of injury compensation you receive.

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