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Premises Liability

A premises liability claim is essentially a civil lawsuit filed by a plaintiff who was injured on property owned by another party. At the core of the premises liability claim will usually be the allegation that the property owner committed negligence by failing to reasonably manage and maintain the property in a way that would prevent injury to visitors on the property.

Let’s take a look at some of the many legal issues that may fall under the category of a premises liability claim:

— Slips and falls: Business and other property owners need to keep their walking surfaces slip-free. If a surface is slippery, the property owner must warn those who are visiting the property with signage. The property owner must also quickly clean up any spills or other issues that could result in a fall.

— Damaged walkways and sidewalks: A cracked sidewalk represents a hazard that visitors could trip on. An icy sidewalk is also a dangerous hazard that someone could slip on.

— Lighting issues: Visitors need to see where they’re going to avoid falling and hurting themselves. As such a reasonable property owner should provide adequate lighting to avoid an accident.

– Elevators, stairs and escalators: These are essential for moving from one level to another in a building, but if they’re neglected or poorly maintained, they can result in a serious injury.

— Dog bites: Dog bites may fall under premises liability law. When you’re on someone’s property, the property owner must keep his or her animals under control so they don’t harm you.

— Swimming pool accidents: If a swimming pool is not reasonably protected by a fence, a child could fall in and drown. Swimming pools represent premises liability dangers in many different ways.

Were you hurt on someone else property in Texas? It doesn’t matter if your situation fits into one of the categories above or not. If you got hurt on another party’s property, the property might be negligent and liable to pay for the costs associated with your medical care and other damages.

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