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Child Injury

At the Zimmerman Law Firm, PC, we assist families in the pursuit of personal injury claims related to injured children. These cases are often different from claims that involve injured adults. That’s because children are more vulnerable to getting hurt and adults need to be extra careful to prevent such injuries.

Most of the child injury cases that we represent fall under three categories. Here is a quick overview of these categories:

— Sexual assault and molestation: Children are especially vulnerable to falling prey to predatory adults who may molest or sexually assault them. These acts will be punished by the Texas criminal justice system. However, the injured children will also have strong claims to seek financial compensation from the party or parties responsible for the abuse.

— Car accidents: Different legal standards may apply to children hurt in car accidents. For example, if the child wasn’t wearing a seat belt, then the adult in charge of the child may be at fault and liable for injuries that result from the child not wearing a seat belt.

— Bicycle accidents: Motor vehicle drivers must take extra care when driving around children. Failure to slow down and give children a wide breadth could result in an unexpected accident and serious injuries. In these situations, even if the child allegedly darted out into traffic, the motor vehicle driver might still be at fault and liable.

Was your child hurt due to no fault of his or her own? You might be able to pursue a personal injury claim for financial restitution and justice. If successfully navigated, such a claim could bring valuable compensation to pay for your child’s medical care and other damages resulting from the accident.

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