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Anyone who drives regularly has probably witnessed a driver drift in and out of their lane. While most drivers may correct this action without any consequence, sometimes they are unable to do so and hit the side of another car.

Most associate sideswipe car accidents with relatively minor damage and minimal injuries. However, these accidents have the potential to cause serious, life-threatening injuries and severe property damage.

If you suffered injuries in a sideswipe car accident and you weren’t at fault, speak with a personal injury attorney to discuss how you can recover compensation. 

What Is a Sideswipe Car Accident? 

A sideswipe car accident occurs when two cars travel parallel to one another, either in the same or opposite direction, and collide with each other.

Sideswipe car accidents may occur in intersections, parking lots, highways, or neighborhood roadways. The consequences of these accidents vary from minor scratches to serious injuries.  

What Are Common Causes of Sideswipe Car Accidents? 

Sideswipe car accidents typically occur when one driver moves out of their lane unsafely and hits another car.

Common reasons why sideswipe car accidents occur include: 

  • Failing to check blind spots, 
  • Failing to properly change lanes, 
  • Drifting out of a lane while distracted, 
  • Hydroplaning on wet or icy roadways, 
  • Driving under the influence,
  • Road rage, and
  • Drowsy driving.   

Additionally, when drivers drive too fast on curved roadways, sideswipe car accidents may occur when over- or under-steering on the curve. 

How Is Fault Determined? 

After a sideswipe car accident, determining fault is vital when seeking compensation for your injuries in a personal injury lawsuit.

Texas law requires all drivers to stay in a single lane of travel. A driver may change lanes when it is safe and they use their vehicle signals.

When a sideswipe car accident occurs, the at-fault driver is the one that crosses into another lane and sideswipes a car legally in their lane. A driver is also at fault if they sideswipe a legally parked car. 

Common Injuries After a Sideswipe Car Accident

The severity of injuries following a sideswipe accident depends on numerous factors. These factors include the size of the vehicles involved, the speed of travel, and the force of the collision.

Common injuries of sideswipe accidents include the following: 

  • Spinal cord injuries, 
  • Traumatic brain injuries, 
  • Whiplash, 
  • Internal injuries, 
  • Broken bones, 
  • Bruising, and 
  • Burns. 

Some injuries may not be immediately apparent following a car accident. Some symptoms may not show up for hours or days.

For this reason, despite your belief that you may have escaped your sideswipe car accident unscathed, it’s crucial to seek medical attention to avoid further complications.

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