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Motorcycle Accidents

Late last month, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) celebrated National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. They took advantage of the increased attention being placed on motorcycle safety to launch their “Look Twice for Motorcycles” initiative. TxDOT representatives hope that this campaign will encourage motorists to keep their eyes peeled for motorcyclists when driving down the road.

Data released by TxDOT earlier this year captured how there were 7,656 motorcycle crashes in 2018. Those resulted in 1,920 motorcyclists injuries and 417 deaths.

A TxDOT spokesperson noted that it’s generally during the late spring and summer that an increase in the number of motorcyclists taking to the road often occurs. They note that it’s important for vehicle operators to remember just how catastrophic a crash between a car and a motorcycle can be. Bikers often get injured because they lack the protection of the shell of the vehicle that drivers enjoy.

They note that motorcyclists are most vulnerable to being struck when making left turns once inside of an intersection. Bikers often end up getting struck because drivers fail to adequately assess how fast motorcyclists are traveling and how far away that they are. Data compiled by the TxDOT for crashes that occurred in 2018 shows that 30 percent of those involving motorcyclists occurred at intersections.

Another factor that often results in motorcycle crashes is a motorist’s lack of understanding of biker’s ability to brake. Motorcycles work much like cars with manual transmissions.

Motorcyclists are capable of downshifting to reduce their speed without ever applying the brake. This makes it where they never see their red light become illuminated. If motorists are following too close, then they may inadvertently crash into the rear-end of the bike.

Texas motorcycle crash rates can be greatly reduced if motorists take their time to get to know more about how these powerful bikes function. They can also minimize their risk of striking a motorcyclist by keeping a safe distance behind them and scanning the area to make sure one is not in the immediate vicinity.

Individuals who have been injured by negligent motorists can benefit from reaching out to an attorney. They can aid you in protecting your rights, including your ability to recover compensation if you’ve suffered permanent injuries in a motorcycle crash in Waco.

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