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Motorcycle Accidents

Riding motorcycles is a thrilling pastime for millions of people across the country. Many know how to operate their motorcycles safely, while others have trouble being safe no matter the effort they put into it. When it comes to riding with a passenger, it’s best to know some safety tips ahead of time to prepare for the ride and keep the passenger safe.

Ensure that the passenger on the motorcycle is properly equipped. This includes having a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, leather clothing and a reflective vest to wear. Closed-toed shoes are important to protect your feet and keep the shoes on your feet while riding.

Tell the passenger that they must turn their head as you do when the motorcycle makes turns. The passenger should also be taught that they must lean with you and not against you when on the bike. Show the passenger where the foot pegs are on the bike to anchor their feet.

You, as the experienced rider, need to learn what it’s like to operate a motorcycle with a passenger. There will be added weight, which means the bike’s center of gravity will fluctuate. The bike will also handle differently, so be sure the tires, fluid levels and other equipment are all working properly prior to the ride.

Being injured in a motorcycle accident can change your life in an instant. Speaking with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Waco can help you understand what’s at stake, what comes next and how you can protect your rights after a motorcycle accident leaves you with costly medical bills.

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