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Truck Accidents

If you suffer from an illness or an injury that is related to your job, your workers’ compensation payments may include Temporary Income Benefits. These are often simply referred to as TIBs.

They help cover your costs while you’re out of work. For instance, perhaps a broken bone kept you out entirely for a month while you healed. You then came back, even though you still had the cast on, when you were well enough to work.

Paying for the medical bills is one thing, and it’s important. However, can you make it through a month with no income? Bills like utilities and grocery costs don’t stop just because you’re injured. The TIBs give you money you can use for these things as you recover.

That said, many people assume that their full income will be replaced, but Texas law does not stipulate that you must be paid 100 percent while you’re out of work. Generally speaking, they pay you just 70 percent. There are some specific cases for low-wage workers where they can get 75 percent.

It’s also worth noting that you only get that percentage for whatever you lost, to make up that difference. Can you still work on a limited basis? For example, perhaps you used to work 40 hours per week. After the injury, you can still work 20 hours per week. That means you’ll get the 70 percent payments for only half of your income.

If you’re injured on the job, make sure you know all of the financial options you have and what steps to take to recover what you deserve.

Source: Texas Government, “Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs),” accessed Jan. 5, 2018

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