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Premises Liability

Just last week, the story of a young man who died after being crushed by a New York City apartment building elevator made national news.

Surveillance video taken at the city’s Manhattan Promenade apartment building shows a 30-year-old man attempting to get off the elevator of his residential apartment building. Within seconds, the car that he’d been riding in can be seen quickly moving down the shaft with the doors wide open.

He can be seen trying to pull his way out. The video then shows him as his body is crushed between the top of the elevator car and the apartment building’s lobby floor.

The man’s body soon disappears out of view. The top of the elevator can be seen disappearing further into the shaft before the doors ultimately close. His body ultimately was crushed between the elevator wall and the shaft. Bystanders can be seen watching in horror, not sure what to do to help.

Still photos from the scene show paramedics attempting to tend to the man. They were, however, unable to save his life. An autopsy revealed that he suffered significant blunt force injuries to both his torso and neck as well as mechanical asphyxia.

The building where this fatal incident occurred has had a history of elevator problems. The video taken before the incident even shows how there are yellow cones in front of the building’s secondary elevator letting residents know that it’s not in working order.

It’s a landlord’s responsibility to make sure that their premises are reasonably safe so that no one gets hurt either inside a property or outside of it. Most incidents such as slips and falls, struck-by and crush incidents and unsafe premises accidents can be avoided if building owners simply take time to perform regular maintenance and safety assessments.

If you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one because a Texas building owner was negligent in maintaining their property in sound working condition, then you should consult with a premises liability attorney. By doing so, you can find out what type of compensation you’re entitled to for injuries suffered on business premises here in Waco.

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