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Child Injury

Many parents would rather stay and home and take care of their children, but they cannot financially afford to do so. This is why moms and dads entrust the care of their children of skilled caregivers such as daycare workers. Some parents live to regret this decision though, especially when their children get hurt. There are a few common injuries that seem to happen more than others at daycares.

Falling objects

Day care workers don’t just watch your child, but instead multiple ones. This is often when accidents occur. One of the more common ways in which kids get hurt while in a child care setting is by having heavy objects fall on them. Books, toys, appliances and furniture are all items that can tip over and injure your child.

Day care and school administrators can minimize the risk of such incidents happening is by tethering furniture to the wall. Child care facilities can also benefit from keeping any heavy objects on lower shelves. This will prevent it from falling on top of a child if they go to grab for it.

Playground accidents

Another leading cause of child injuries is playground accidents. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data shows that as many as 200,000 youths are seen in emergency rooms each year due to being hurt on playgrounds.

Your child’s school can greatly reduce your son’s or daughter’s risk of getting hurt by regularly inspecting their playground equipment for any potential hazards such as sharp edges or loose screws. It can also be helpful for caregivers to inspect the ground in and around the play area for any dangerous debris like glass.

Inspecting the playground equipment is only one-half of the precautionary measures that teachers and child care workers should take though. Nothing replaces their constant supervision of the children entrusted to their care. All it takes is one second for someone to get hurt.

If school administrators were to babyproof their premises just as parents do with their Waco homes, this could help curb many of the injuring incidents involving our kids here in Texas.

Most day care or school injuries involving young kids happen because caregivers provide children with adequate supervision. If your son or daughter has been hurt at school due to someone else’s negligence, then a child injury attorney can advise you of how to put administrative law and due process to work for you in your case.

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