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Child Injury

Most children in America spend the majority of their awake hours under the care of day care workers or at school. While you’d expect for the administrators at their school to properly vet teachers to make sure that it’s safe for them to be around your child, they often make mistakes. Then there are some teachers who go even go rogue. If your child is hurt at their day care or school, then you may be wondering what to do.

If your child is hurt at a Waco day care, then you should make sure that they receive medical treatment right away. You then should consult with a Texas personal injury attorney to find who you can hold accountable for what happened.

The parents of a child who suffers injuries at the hands of a teacher may be able to file a lawsuit against them individually, in conjunction with their supervisor or against the owner of the facility that employs them.

Some of the grounds on which negligence lawsuits may be filed against these parties include if a caregiver, teacher or owner failed to maintain safe premises, if they neglected to properly supervise the child or if they committed a crime against them.

While those caregivers or teachers who abuse or neglect children under their care may face criminal charges, they can be held civilly liable for their actions as well. A jury may decide that monetary damages for physical injuries as well as emotional ones are warranted in some of the most severe abuse and neglect cases. An attorney can advise you as to whether you have a valid claim and how you should proceed in your legal matter.

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