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That first day of school is monumental and exciting for your child, but, as a parent, you can’t help but feel nervous.

For years now, you’ve been so focused on your child’s safety. You protect them at every turn. Will your child be safe without you?

Below, the Waco, Texas personal injury lawyers at the Zimmerman Law Firm go over the most common safety hazards that can be found in schools that can cause child injuries.

If you have questions or if your child has been injured while at school, contact our child injury lawyers today.

Possible Safety Hazards that Can Cause Child Injuries

It’s important to know that there are potential safety hazards in elementary schools. Keep these in mind when deciding what school your child should attend.

Insurance experts note that these are eight of the most common:

  1. Cleaning products. Teachers may be tempted to store them in the classroom, where children have access.
  2. Chemical products, like whiteout or rubber cement.
  3. Fire exits that get blocked.
  4. No plan for an emergency. Ideally, schools should have a posted evacuation plan, and they should carry out fire drills.
  5. Combustible items covering the walls. For instance, having too much paper on the walls can be a serious fire hazard.
  6. Excessive storage. Items that are stacked too high for lack of space, for instance, could be a fall risk.
  7. Air quality issues. These can lead to long-term respiratory problems.
  8. Unsecured furniture. You may have heard of cases in people’s homes where dressers that aren’t secured to the wall tip and fall on young children. This can be fatal and often sparks recalls. The same risk could exist in a school with unsecured file cabinets and other types of heavy furniture.

Contact a Waco, Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Today to Protect Your Child

Your child can and should be safe at school. However, it is still important to look for potential hazards in advance and to know all of your legal options if your child gets injured.

If you believe that your child was injured because of a safety hazard in their school, please contact the Waco, TX child injury attorneys at The Zimmerman Law Firm today.

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