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Car Accidents

If you drive, there’s a chance you could be part of a car accident. If this happens, the steps you take immediately after the crash will impact your future in many ways.

Even though no two car accidents are the same, here are six important steps anyone can take if they find themselves in this position:

  1. Move to safety: This is a challenge if your vehicle is damaged, but, if possible, you could move your vehicle to a safe place. For example, if you’re part of a highway accident, move to the shoulder of the road. Upon doing so, turn on your hazard lights to warn others of your situation.
  2. Check for injuries: Check yourself for injuries, and if possible, assist your passengers. If you or someone in your vehicle suffers an injury, consider the type of first aid you can administer.
  3. Call 911: By doing this, you know that an ambulance and police will arrive at the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. Provide the dispatcher with as much information as you can, while taking their guidance on what you should and shouldn’t be doing.
  4. Collect information: It’s difficult to do if you’re injured, but, if you’re able to, collect information such as license plate numbers, insurance details, contact information for witnesses and the location of the crash. These types of details come in handy when filing an insurance claim.
  5. Follow the advice of your medical team: You should receive medical assistance immediately after the accident, even if you feel okay. Some injuries, such as bleeding in the brain, don’t always present immediate symptoms. In addition to immediate treatment, stay in close contact with your medical team in regard to your long-term health care strategy.
  6. File an insurance claim: Depending on your injuries, you may not be able to do this right away. The first chance you get, contact your insurance agent to file a claim. If you’re unable to do so, ask a loved one to assist you.

All of these steps are meant to protect you in some way, shape or form.

As you file an insurance claim and learn more about your accident, you can formulate a plan on how to hold the negligent driver responsible. Visit our website for more information on your legal rights following a motor vehicle accident in the state of Texas.

If you were in a car accident, you could have the legal right to bring a compensation claim. It would be best to have a Texas car accident lawyer with the skills and experience necessary to protect your rights and obtain full value of what your car is worth.

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