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Car Accidents

You’re involved in a car accident, and a family member is injured. You stay at the scene as the injured party and another family member are taken to the hospital.

You already know your family is going to be facing medical bills and a lot of related costs. To help, you need to record as much as you can about the accident. Below are three tips to keep in mind:

1. Write things down immediately.

Don’t rely on your memory. It’s often hard to think of everything later, so writing it down in the heat of the moment is best. This is especially true if there is anything strange that you noticed about the accident or if you think the other driver will dispute your claims.

2. Take pictures.

Even better than written notes are pictures and videos of the scene. People used to say you should carry a disposable camera; these days, your cellphone will do just fine. Take photos of the cars, the road, the traffic signals and anything else you think may be important. You could even take pictures of the cars’ VIN numbers and license plate numbers.

3. Talk to witnesses.

Nothing helps your case like having a witness who backs up your story. If any pedestrians or other drivers saw the crash, talk to them and get their contact information. You may even want pictures of their cars or the places where they were standing.

Overall, you’re already working to build your case. Be sure you know all of your legal rights to financial compensation in the wake of the accident.

Source: CNN, “What to do after a car accident,” Craig Howie, accessed Jan. 17, 2018

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