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Child Injury

Caring for a child with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be stressful, emotional, daunting and difficult at times. Parents have an unconditional love for their children and it truly shows during times of despair, adversity and stress. If your child suffers a TBI, for whatever reason, you will want to know the proper ways to care for them so they can live comfortably and hopefully recover as much as possible.

One of the most important things you can do as a parent when your child has a TBI is to focus on the daily successes. This is vitally important when they are in the rehabilitation phase of their injury. Daily successes can help with their confidence and show them that they are making progress in the right direction. Ups and downs will happen during rehab, so focusing on the successes will only help your child continue to move forward and get stronger each day.

You should involve your child’s friends in his or her life as much as possible. Friends will wonder if their friend will return to how they were prior to injury and what they are like now. There’s nothing wrong with bringing friends into the picture. A child suffering from an injury could work harder to recover when they see their friends on a regular basis.

Parents need to understand that there will be cognitive changes in their child because of the TBI. These cognitive changes could be so slight that they are not noticeable on a regular basis or they could be so significant that it becomes upsetting for the child and for you.

Also be sure to encourage excellent communication throughout the family household when your child comes home from the hospital. Strong communication can make the recovery process much easier for all involved.

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