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Car Accidents

It is clear that the weather has a huge impact on driving conditions. Flooding washes out roads, high winds wreak havoc with semi trucks and trailers, heavy rain leads to slick pavement and hydroplaning, and the occasional Texas snowfall gives many drivers a challenge they have never had to deal with before.

However, one serious hazard that many people overlook is fog.

Reports claim that fog leads to 31,385 crashes every single year. In those accidents, 11,812 people suffer injuries. Staggeringly, those accidents also take 511 lives.

These are yearly averages, so the real results vary a bit from one year to the next, but the impact is incredible. More than 500 people die because of fog annually.

To give you some sense of comparison, most people are far more afraid of a tornado than fog. However, tornadoes only kill 109 people every year. People also worry about flooding, but it only takes an average of 75 lives every year. They cancel outdoor events like football games for lightning, but lightning is only linked to 33 annual deaths.

This is not to take away from the dangers of lightning, flooding or tornadoes. They must all be taken seriously, as they are. Still, looking at the numbers shows that we should probably spend a lot more time planning for car accidents in the fog, as it causes many deadly accidents.

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