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Car Accidents

How many times have you looked into the rearview mirror and noticed another driver practically in the back seat of your car? This is called tailgating. While many of us have been taught to keep our distance from the motorist in front of us, few people do that if they’re in a hurry or there’s bumper-to-bumper traffic. Tailgating isn’t just annoying though. It’s potentially deadly.

Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that an estimated 950,000 motorists are injured in tailgating incidents each year. At least 2,000 individuals lose their lives in similar types of crashes. Reckless driving like this results in the majority of rear-end collisions that happen each year in the U.S.

The tire manufacturer Michelin previously researched tailgating. The company’s researchers determined that at least 74% of motorists admitted to being tailgated within the previous six months. Only 11% of those same drivers said that they tailgate others though.

Car operators give themselves the best chance of being able to avoid a rear-end crash when they stay a safe distance behind the person in front of them. Michelin argues that motorists should give themselves at least 10 feet of distance per 10 miles worth of speed between themselves and those in front of them. Motorists should give themselves more time and distance to stop if roads are wet or icy.

Michelin encourages motorists to avoid tailgating if a driver in front of them is operating their car too slowly. The tire manufacturer encourages vehicle operators to pass anyone not driving at an adequate speed for them. Michelin recommends that motorists should allow three seconds to pass after passing alongside a vehicle before attempting to pull in front of them. This prevents a motorist from pulling in too tight on the person that they’re trying to pass.

The media often describes rear-end crashes as minor fender benders. This is far from the case though. You can suffer critical injuries or die if a motorist strikes you while traveling at a high enough rate of speed.

You should consult with an attorney in Waco if you’ve been severely injured in a crash here or elsewhere in Texas. Your lawyer can help you recover compensation from the reckless motorist who caused your injuries. This may greatly impact the type of medical care that you’re able to afford.

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