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Premises Liability

No matter whether you’re at a community or technical college, the mall, a hospital, a shopping center or any other public place, you’re bound to see a security guard patrolling the area looking for any potential problems. One of the reasons why these property owners have these individuals on staff roving around is to minimize their risk of being sued for having inadequate security if someone does get hurt. It’s a business owner’s responsibility to take reasonable measures to keep their premises safe after all.

The role of security guards is mainly that of crime deterrence. It’s their job to drive around the office building, hospital or shopping center’s parking lot. They’re supposed to drive slowly without any distractions from cellphones or others. Their main job is to be on the lookout for anyone in the midst of committing a crime. This includes vandalism, burglary or theft, assaults, carjackings, robberies and any other offenses.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these security guards regularly liaise with local police to aid them in tracking down crime suspects.

Security guards don’t rove parking lots only for crime deterrence though. They do so to make sure that motorists follow any posted speed limits or any other rules they have. They often report any maintenance issues that they find and even cordon an area of it off to keep visitors safe. They may corral runaway shopping cards, respond to alarms or decide who can get past gates or into any other restricted areas.

Many property or business owners take the time to hire security as a way to ensure that they do their part to keep their premises reasonably safe. Countless others leave the safety of their visitors to chance though.

If you are injured in a facility’s parking lot whether due to crime, poor maintenance or some other concern, then you may have a valid reason to file suit against the property or business owner. An attorney here in Waco can advise you whether you’re eligible to file a lawsuit under Texas law in your case.

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