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Car Accidents
hidden injuries after a car accident

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that victims suffer in car accidents, and also one of the most commonly overlooked.

Like other delayed pain injuries, whiplash does not always cause pain right away after the accident.

Many car accident victims may not feel the pain of these injuries in the immediate aftermath of a collision, and they may decide to skip the recommended medical examination.

This can turn into a costly, painful mistake.

If you recently experienced a car accident, you may have whiplash that you did not feel at first, as well as other delayed pain injuries.

Avoiding a full medical examination after a car accident may seem like a good way to lower your medical costs, but this is often untrue.

If you have a delayed pain injury, avoiding a medical exam could give your injuries time to grow much worse.

Any time that a person experiences a car accident, it is wise for them to see their doctor or another qualified medical professional immediately for a complete medical examination.

A full examination can help a doctor identify hidden injuries and treat them quickly and accurately.

Not only does proper treatment help you heal properly, but it can also lower your overall recovery costs in the long run.

Whiplash is a Serious Injury in Texas

Whiplash is the common name for soft-tissue damage which occurs in muscle tissue that experiences a significant impact or strain.

Even a relatively minor accident can produce whiplash, often in a victim’s neck and back.

Many people assume that whiplash is not a serious injury, because it heals over time.

However, whiplash can cause unbearable pain for victims, making it impossible for them to complete simple daily tasks, let alone perform work at their jobs.

Many car accident victims do not feel any pain after an accident and believe that they did not suffer any injuries, only to wake up with serious stiffness and pain.

When victims cannot move part of their body without significant pain, it is difficult to work and care for themselves.

This may mean that their income suffers while, at the same time, they must pay for additional help and treatment.

A serious whiplash injury may prevent a victim from working for several weeks, which is financially disastrous in some cases.

Protecting Yourself Today

If you suffered whiplash in a car accident, it is wise to undergo a complete medical examination as soon as you can.

You may have other delayed pain injuries as well, so the sooner you see a qualified medical professional, the better.

Proper professional medical care after a car accident not only identities hidden injuries, it generates valuable medical documents you can use to build a personal injury claim if some other party caused your accident.

A strong legal strategy helps protect your rights and provides the tools you need to recover from your injuries and return to your normal life after your recovery.

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