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When you read a media report about a drunk driving crash, it generally mentions what the negligent motorist’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was when it occurred. Stories that make it on the news are often the ones in which a motorist had a BAC two or more times Texas’ legal limit of .08%. What you may be unaware of are the many factors that can affect your BAC.

A bartender generally pours five ounces of wine when they serve you. A regular bottle or can of beer is generally 12 ounces. A shot of tequila, vodka or another liquor is generally 1.5 ounces. While these are standard sizes of most products that you purchase at the store or the bar, there are exceptions to the rule. The alcohol content that different drinks have can vary as well.

How much and what you drink can impact how long it takes your body to metabolize it. This may result in you not feeling the full effects of what you’ve consumed until your fully intoxicated.

Mixing alcoholic beverages is a bad idea. It can leave you feeling more intoxicated than you otherwise would have felt had you only had a single type of drink instead.

Individuals who mix liquor with sweet beverages such as sodas may forget the fact that they’re consuming alcohol. By the time it absorbs into their bloodstream, they may find themselves overly intoxicated.

Even if individuals drink exactly the same thing, their bodies may process what they consume completely differently. Females and males tend to metabolize alcoholic beverages at two distinct speeds. A person’s weight can affect how quickly they can process drinks too.

Individuals who are new to drinking may not have built up as much of a tolerance for alcohol as more seasoned drinkers have.

Although Texas’ legal limit is .08 %, the American Association for the Advancement of Science argues that individuals can face significant impairments with a BAC of as little as .05 %. Motorists may have difficulty steering their vehicle, processing information and reacting quickly. This may make them more vulnerable to crashing into others.

Motorists in Waco who’ve been struck by drunk drivers should consult with an attorney. They can aid them in recovering the compensation necessary to cover medical bills, lost wages or funeral costs.

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