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Motorcycle Accidents

Riding through Texas on a motorcycle is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Once you make it out of the city limits of Waco, you have endless miles of open road available. Unfortunately, like with most things, riding a motorcycle comes with risk. The weather can suddenly change, causing the roads to become dangerous. A deer can leap out in front of you and cause you to lose control. And, the most dangerous, are the cars and trucks cruising down the street, operated by drivers that think multitasking behind the wheel is a good idea.

In general, cars and trucks are the greatest threat to you every time you climb on your bike. While it is not always possible to avoid a collision with a reckless driver, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of being in an accident. For some tips to avoid distracted drivers, read below.

Stay to the right

By staying to the right on a two-lane road, even when you come to a stop, you can give yourself enough room to avoid a collision with distracted driver. When people are playing with the radio, checking their phones or engaging in other activities, they tend to drift. By avoiding the middle of the lane and staying to the right, you can create a nice cushion between yourself and oncoming traffic.

Avoid multi-lane highways

Yes, I-35 might be the quickest way out of town, but those multi-lane highways can be nothing but trouble. You will have cars coming at you from multiple directions and it is likely that fewer than half of those drivers will see you, even if they are not distracted. If possible, take the back roads out of town and take the chance of having one of those winding ranch roads all to yourself.

Light it up

The best thing you can do to avoid becoming a victim of a distracted driver is to make yourself as visible as possible. This might mean wearing a brightly colored jacket with reflective panels instead of your standard black leathers, or it could mean giving in to that secret temptation to buy the crazy colored helmet you have been eyeing in the shop. Also, do not be afraid to use those high-beams. It might irritate drivers, but at least they will see you.

In addition to the above tips, be extra careful when a vehicle is coming at you from the side or pulling out from a parking lot. Always assume that you are invisible to every single individual operating a car or truck. Doing so will make you more cautious and keep you safe.

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