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Car Accidents

According to police reports out of Texas, three different vehicles were involved in a street race. It came to a horrific end when seven different vehicles wound up in a massive accident. One of the passengers passed away from his injuries.

It appears that the race happened right around 8:20 p.m., on Tuesday, April 24. That’s when the police say one of the vehicles slammed into a traffic signal. The driver of that vehicle is 41 years old. The passenger in the car was 36, but he was killed.

That driver is now facing criminal charges for racing, causing serious injuries and intoxication manslaughter.

The two additional vehicles that were allegedly involved in the race where a white car and a black pickup. Both vehicles fled after the wreck.

When the first vehicle went out of control, it started a chain reaction, slamming into multiple cars that had nothing to do with the race. In one, two kids and their mother suffered injuries that landed them in Children’s Medical Center Dallas. In another, a driver was ejected by the force of the collision. Another vehicle tried to avoid the race and the crash, pulling off to the side, but was hit anyway. For a few seconds, it was pure chaos on the highway.

Stories like this help show just how hard it is to avoid a crash. You cannot predict what other drivers will do or what negligent and reckless actions they’ll take. If you’re hurt in a crash, or if a loved one is killed, make sure you fully understand all of your legal options.

Source: Dallas News, “Street racers cause deadly 7-vehicle pileup in west Oak Cliff, police say,” Claire Z. Cardona, Tom Steele and Loyd Brumfield, April 24, 2018

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