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Premises Liability

Shopping carts are useful tools to push around the grocery store to carry your purchases, right? They are indeed useful when they’re used the right way and when they’re in good repair. However, when parents use them to carry their children, or when shopping carts are used in an inappropriate manner, they can be dangerous — especially if they are poorly designed or damaged in some way.

Imagine that you’re shopping with your small child at a Texas supermarket. It’s tempting to put your child in the seat at the front of a shopping cart, but it’s dangerous. Numerous children throughout the nation are rushed to the emergency room every year with concussions, broken bones and other serious injuries because of shopping cart accidents. The worst of these accidents happen when a child is sitting in the seat and the shopping cart flips over.

Shopping cart-related injuries can also happen when a cart’s wheels are out of balance or when too much merchandise is piled inside the cart. Countless accidents and injuries have happened when teenagers jump inside the carts and have a race around the grocery store parking lot.

In some shopping cart accident scenarios, injuries are the fault of the users. In others, the grocery store in charge of maintaining the shopping carts If the store is at fault, injured parties can seek financial compensation in court via a premises liability claim. Compensation in a successfully navigated premises liability claim may include money to pay for medical care, money for time spent unable to work and other damages.

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