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Car Accidents

Unfortunately, life does not stop and wait for bad weather to pass by. Through rain, sleet and sometimes snow, we still have to drive to work, school or just to the supermarket to stock up on hot cocoa. However, driving through Waco or getting out on IH 35 in bad winter weather takes on a new level of danger when you have your kids in the backseat.

Before you find yourself driving through less than ideal conditions, take a few minutes to brush up on winter driving safety tips.

Keep your headlights on

Even during the daytime, in clear weather, you should drive with your headlights on to increase your visibility. This becomes even more important when you are driving in bad weather. Try to make it a habit to flip your lights on every time you get in the car.

Keep a safe distance

If you are already keeping three car lengths between you and the car in front, give yourself even more stopping distance by increasing this during bad weather. If the road is wet or icy, you will need more distance in order to come to a safe stop without rear-ending another vehicle.

Slow it down

When driving in bad weather, give yourself enough time to get to your destination so that you can drive at slower speeds. When the roads are slippery, it is much easier to lose control if you are driving too fast. This does not just mean more than the posted speed limit. In some cases, doing 10 miles per hour under the limit may still be too fast. Use your judgement to find a safe speed at which you can travel so that you reduce your risk of an accident.

Prepare your car

For winter weather driving, it is important to make sure your car is ready. This means checking your tires and ensuring the tread is in good condition and that they are properly inflated. Also, consider taking your car to your preferred mechanic to check the brakes and other systems that are vital to safe driving.

While the above tips can help you navigate the roads safely this winter, you cannot control what other drivers do. If you have been the victim of a negligent driver, you might be able to take legal action for your injuries and the damages to your car.

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