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Car Accidents

An SUV driven by a 40-year-old man went out of control in Hurst, Texas, and slammed into a house. Three people were inside.

The unexpected crash was just the beginning. It caused what firefighters now believe was a natural gas leak. When the authorities arrived after getting a call about the accident, the leaking gas caught fire, and the house blew up.

Two police officers got hurt in the explosion; One of them was walking up to the house when it blew up. The three residents were still inside the now-burning building, and emergency crews could hear them screaming. They ran in and pulled them all to safety.

Naturally, their injuries were significant. A woman who is 61 years old suffered second-degree burns, which covered nearly a third of her body. The pain was so bad that medical professionals had to give her sedatives.

The family — a couple and their adult child — also had a pet dog. It survived the explosion, though it did need to be given oxygen. It suffered burn injuries as well.

When police got the situation under control, they found out that the man in the SUV did not have a driver’s license. He says that the brakes on the SUV went out, which is why he did not stop. Though he has a DWI conviction on his record, from 2003, he was given a field sobriety test and passed. He was still arrested since he didn’t have a license.

Stories like this show how dangerous car accidents are, even to people who are nowhere near their own vehicles. Those who suffer from serious injuries and disabilities must know if they have a right to financial compensation.

Source: KVUE, “Car crashes into North Texas home and explodes, injuring 3 residents and officer,” April 07, 2018

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