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Premises Liability

It is very important for those who work around heavy machinery to know the safety hazards that come along with wearing loose clothing. It should always be avoided when there is even the slightest risk.

The problem is that loose clothing items can often get caught in the machines, potentially causing severe injuries. For instance, one man was working near a tractor, digging holes, while wearing a jacket. That jacket got snagged in a spinning bolt on the tractor. He was dragged into a hole and crushed before anyone could turn the tractor off. His injuries were so catastrophic that he died before emergency crews could take him to a hospital.

Potential hazards include things like:

  • Long hair
  • Shirts that are not tucked in
  • Loose shoelaces
  • Unbuttoned jackets
  • Long ties
  • Loose pants
  • Necklaces and bracelets

It is important for companies to inform workers about the types of clothing they should wear around these machines, and they may even want to have a specific dress code or a company uniform that helps keep them safe. Signs should be posted near the machines to reinforce these warnings, and supervisors should never encourage employees to use heavy machinery if there is a risk that they could become entangled.

When there are no warning signs or safety protocols, serious injuries could take place, and workers could even be killed. It is very important for them to know all of their legal rights to compensation. When workers tragically pass away, their families also need to look into the legal options they have in the wake of the accident.

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