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Motorcycle Accidents

Data shows that riders belonging to the 17 to 25-year-old demographic become involved in the majority of motorcycle crashes. There are many reasons that motorcycle accidents happen.

Motorcyclists are most vulnerable to becoming involved in a crash when traffic is heavy such as during rush hour. They also put themselves at risk of getting hurt when they engaged in reckless driving such as cutting short their turns, speeding or splitting lanes. The lack of the protection of the outer shell of their vehicle often results in motorcyclists getting seriously hurt or killed in crashes.

Injured motorcyclists who are hurt due to other motorists’ negligence often find it difficult to secure the financial backing necessary to cover their medical bills or lost wages. The reason for this difficulty is that fault is often mis-attributed to the biker.

Even though truckers and car drivers are often to blame for motorcycle-involved crashes, insurance companies often attribute fault to the biker for such accidents. They do this because they blame motorcyclists for putting themselves in danger by riding a motorcycle versus a car.

Motorcyclists can greatly reduce their chances of becoming involved in a crash by employing defensive driving tactics — but that won’t guarantee an accident-free ride.

One of the best things that you can do if you’ve been struck while out riding your motorbike in Waco is to consult with a motorcycle accident attorney. An attorney can look after your interests and battle with the insurance company while you recover.

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