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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are highly destructive to property, and they often result in catastrophic and fatal injuries when they happen on Texas roads. For this reason, every Texas motorist needs to take great care when driving close to a big rig on the road. Additionally, truck drivers also need to be cautious and follow all truck driving rules and traffic standards.

To help Texas motorists avoid getting into a crash, let’s take a look at how car drivers commonly cause truck accidents:

— Operating a car in a truck’s no-zone: The “no-zone” is the areas around the truck — including the front, back and sides — where the truck driver can’t see you.

— Making your lane change too fast: Big trucks simply cannot react as fast as a nimble and agile car. As such, drivers need to make sure that they don’t drive erratically around a big rig.

— Merging mistakes: Again, trucks are not as agile as automobiles, and car drivers need to be careful whenever a truck is merging into traffic, or whenever a car is merging into traffic where trucks are present.

— Dangerous passing habits: Car drivers need to be able to see ahead of them before they take the risk of passing. Without sufficient visibility, a head-on crash with a semi-truck could easily happen.

— Driving in between two big trucks: Cars should never try to squeeze between two big trucks as it could result in a collision between the trucks, and that collision could also involve the more vulnerable motor vehicle driver.

— Parking your disabled vehicle too close to passing traffic: Always be sure to give passing traffic plenty of room and move off the shoulder as far as possible. By staying aware of the above information, car drivers can avoid a lot of the most common semi-truck accidents. However, a negligent or unlawful truck driver could still cause a fatal or injurious crash. If you or a family member has been injured in such a collision, a personal injury attorney can assist you in pursuing financial compensation in civil court.

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