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Child Injury

School will be back in session is just a matter of weeks here in Waco. If you have young kids, then one of their favorite times of the day likely is when they can take a break from their classes and head outside for recess. Sadly, playgrounds are the one place where kids are most apt to get hurt while at school.

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, at least 213,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms every year here in Texas and across the rest of the United States. Most of the kids seen in hospitals range in age from five to 12. They’re often seen for injuries resulting from a fall. They often present with cuts or bruises, sprains and broken bones. Arms are the body part most commonly affected in these schoolyard incidents.

Parents and teachers alike can help kids avoid getting hurt on playgrounds. They can do so by taking the time to inspect the equipment for damage or grounds for debris before allowing their kids to play on it.

They can also encourage the children under the care to abstain from placing their hands or other body parts in gaps or places where they may get caught or pinched. They can remind them to hold on to handlebars and to remain behind guardrails as well.

Caregivers should try to keep their children from taking any straps, ropes or any other strings into a play area. These can cut off circulation if a body part becomes caught up in them. They can even cause them to choke. A child who wears a helmet into a playground area can suffer the same fate.

Parents and teachers should also discourage kids from playing along steep, rocky embankments, nearby tree roots or anywhere where the pavement may be in ill-repair. These can all pose tripping hazards. They should instead report these dangers to the appropriate authorities to be addressed.

Teachers, parents and caregivers are seldom responsible for a single child. They instead often have several to watch over. This is why they must constantly scan the area around them for potential hazards that may injure a child.

Educators or caregivers who fail to do this may be sued for negligence. A child injury attorney can also advise you of your right to sue a school for damages, especially if their inattentiveness resulted in your loved one getting hurt.

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