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Motorcycle Accidents

There are many poorly illuminated streets here within the city limits of Waco. There are even areas like this as you venture out onto the rural Texas roadways. The best thing you can do in these instances is to make both you and your motorcycle more visible to others.

One of the best ways for you to catch the attention of motorists around you is for you to wear bright colors like yellow or white. They’re most apt to contrast with one’s surroundings including the darkness of the night. Never wear grays or greens though as they tend to create a camouflage effect. This makes it hard for any motorist to see you.

You may want to focus on more than wearing brightly colored clothing though. You can increase your chances of being seen if you purchase a brightly colored motorcycle to ride on. If you already have a darker one, then you may want to consider painting it a different hue.

Replacing your headlights with brighter bulbs is also critically important. You may find that adding reflectors to all sides of your bike may call more attention to it as well.

You can greatly increase your visibility if you focus on keeping your motorcycle centered in your lane. One thing that you should avoid doing in heavy traffic is moving between lanes as motorists are more apt to lose track of or forget about you if you do. You should also make sure to choose a lane that makes you most visible when passing through an intersection. The more the motorists can see you, the more apt you are to avoid a collision.

Riding a motorbike is dangerous as bikers lack the protection of the outer shell that car operators enjoy around them. This doesn’t give drivers a valid excuse for driving recklessly though. An attorney can help you recover the funds that you’re sure to need to cover your medical bills if you’ve been hurt in a Waco crash.

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