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Car Accidents

When two friends were involved in an accident in Texas, the driver fled the scene, leaving a young man with critical injuries in the passenger seat. That man eventually passed away from those injuries, even though the emergency crews rushed him to the hospital.

The two were in a Dodge Challenger. The driver appears to have lost control of the car, though the reason why is unknown as the investigation continues. In any case, it slammed head-on into a light pole at around 5:45 a.m.

While police reports indicated that the driver left the crash scene, the authorities did eventually identify that individual. At this time, charges against the driver are still pending.

There is some question as to the cause of the accident. The earliest reports claimed that authorities did not yet know if the weather played a role or if alcohol use was involved. They may be able to get more answers since they found the driver who survived the incident.

Pictures from the scene show what appears to be a gray sports car sitting up against the pole, in a field of trees. The front end is smashed and the hood is up. All of the doors and the trunk also appear to be open. The road, covered in the glare of the emergency lights, does appear to be wet in the photographs.

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Source: Valley Morning Star, “Update: Police investigating morning car crash,” Oct. 11, 2017

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