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Almost everyone has heard of GEICO, but many may wonder, How does GEICO pay claims? GEICO’s primary objective is making a profit.

The last thing a GEICO claims adjuster wants to do is offer a fair value for your claim. However, receiving a fair value for your claim can positively move you forward after a devastating accident.

Knowing what to avoid when dealing with a GEICO claims adjuster is one of the first steps to take after filing your personal injury claim. 

A qualified car accident attorney at The Zimmerman Law Firm can assist you in pursuing fair compensation after an accident. Here’s some guidance on what to avoid when dealing with a GEICO insurance adjuster.

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Why You Should Not Accept the First Offer

You should never accept the first offer made after your car accident. Generally speaking, the first offer made by a GEICO claims adjuster is lower than the actual value of your injury claim.

The adjuster makes a low offer hoping you will accept it without consulting with a personal injury attorney. 

Any accepted settlement offer is final. Once you accept, you cannot later demand more money if you learn the actual value of your personal injury claim.

Additionally, even if you sustained later injuries, had a prolonged recovery, or your costs were greater than you expected, you cannot sue for more money.

Not Knowing Your Claim’s Worth 

Underestimating the value of your personal injury claim is a crucial mistake to avoid when dealing with a GEICO claims adjuster.

You cannot trust a GEICO claims adjuster to tell you the actual value of your claim. For this reason, you must always consult with a personal injury attorney to get this information.

It’s impossible to negotiate if you don’t know the value of your claim. 

A personal injury claim permits you to recover both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages represent financial losses and are calculable through evidence.

Economic damages include the following:

  • Medical expenses, 
  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of earnings, and
  • Property damage.

Evidence of economic damages includes bills, pay stubs, and invoices. Your personal injury attorney uses this information to calculate an accurate value for your personal injury claim. 

Non-economic damages represent intangible and subjective losses. These vary from case to case and impact each person differently. Non-economic damages include the following:

A GEICO claims adjuster may calculate non-economic damages by simply choosing a small number. GEICO may also use a software program that severely undervalues these damages.

The software program fails to consider what a judge or jury would award for pain and suffering in a case. It’s vital never to overlook the importance of non-economic damages as they often impact you more than your financial losses. 

Speaking to Adjusters Without an Attorney

The most effective way to obtain a fair settlement offer is by working with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Failing to work with a personal injury attorney may result in settlement offers that drastically undervalue your claim.

Remember, you are the victim. As you work to get your life back on track after a traumatic accident, you deserve just compensation.

Without an injury attorney representing your interests, insurance claims adjusters may quickly move you through the claims process without considering what you need to move forward. 

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The last thing you need is to deal with a GEICO claims adjuster that plans to devalue your personal injury claim substantially.

We are on your side every step of the way and work aggressively to get you what you need to recover from your injuries and begin again.

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