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Child Injury

Many individuals enter into the holiday season intending to create new family memories together. Many people are left with not-so-fond memories when the season comes to a close though. Some individuals find it difficult to envision seeing the holidays in a positive light again because their child was injured or killed in a senseless accident.

There were at least 192,000 children that were seen in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries in 2012 according to Safe Kids Worldwide (SKW). At least 3,270 children were transported to the emergency room after having suffered some type of injury from broken ornaments or decorations. Another 136,314 children suffered burn injuries that same year.

SKW notes that parents can greatly minimize their child’s risk of injury this season by making sure that they carefully weigh their choices when buying toys for them. Moms and dads should check to make sure that the product that they’re buying is age-appropriate. Parents should avoid buying products with small button batteries and other removable parts. These may pose a choking risk. SKW notes that a toy may be appropriate for one child in the home, but dangerous for a younger sibling.

Another tip that SKW recommends is making sure that all Christmas lights are turned off when the family goes to bed for the evening. The child safety advocacy organization also warns parents to keep an eye on the water levels for Christmas trees. If pine needles aren’t properly hydrated and become warm from the lights on the tree, then this can cause a fire.

SKW recommends keeping hot liquids away from a child’s reach to keep them safe from burns.

They also point out that it’s important for any ornaments or decorations that are breakable to be kept higher up on the tree or otherwise out of reach to children.

Everyday life is dangerous. New decor can be hard for children and adults to get accustomed to. It’s as everyone is getting used to it being around that most accidents occur.

If your son or daughter has been hurt due to a product malfunction or someone else’s negligence, then you should protect your child now!

An attorney in Waco will ask about what led up to you or your child’s injury to understand who was liable for the incident. They will then advise you of your right to file suit in your Texas case.

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