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Child Injury

Numerous members of a high school band were injured when the charter bus they were riding on went off of the road at the worst possible moment. It plunged off of a bridge and fell into a 50-foot ravine.

The crash happened before dawn, at about 5:30 in the morning. The band was from Texas and had traveled out to Disney World. The bus was supposed to bring them home again, but it crashed in Alabama.

The first responders had to rappel down the side of the ravine on ropes to reach the mangled vehicle, which had about 45 people still trapped inside. Some of them were trapped badly enough that the response team had to cut them out of the bus.

The students were then taken to 10 different medical centers in both Florida and Alabama. Some were transported by ambulance, while others were rushed away by helicopter.

At this point, the authorities still do not know why the bus left the road and drove through the median, prior to falling into the ravine.

Students on the bus also sound unsure why the crash happened. One young man said that his sister, who is 17 years old, was near the back of the vehicle. She was thrown a few rows forward on impact, but came out of it with just minor bruises. He said that she remembered nothing but “a bump, then a crash,” followed by the bus falling onto its side.

Incidents like this can leave parents worried and scrambling to drive across the country and visit their injured children. It is very important for families to know what legal rights they may have to financial compensation.

Source: Fox, “Driver killed, Texas H.S. band members hurt when bus falls into ravine,” March 13, 2018

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