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When a negligent vehicle driver causes a fatal or injurious accident in Texas, who do you think is going to be financially responsible? The negligent driver, of course, but it’s probably not going to be the driver him- or herself who actually pays out the cash to injured parties. It will more likely be the driver’s insurance company that has to pay this money.

Because insurance companies tend to be on the hook financially for accident damages, auto insurance firms have spent a lot of time studying how car accidents happen and what can be done to avoid them.

Avoid car accidents with these four tips

The following advice was published by Nationwide Insurance. The insurer has identified four safe driving tips that it feels are the most important to help you avoid a crash.

1. Stay focused and attentive on driving: Never multitask while operating your vehicle. This means that you should put your electronic devices away and out of reach while you’re behind the wheel. Also, drive slower so you can benefit from the extra attention you’re giving the road, and you’ll have more time to react or stop in the event of a dangerous situation.

2. Be a defensive driver: Drivers who choose the “defensive” route rather than the “aggressive” route tend to avoid getting into crashes. Notice what other drivers are doing on the road around you and remember to expect the unexpected. In other words, be ready to react. Take the assumption that a vehicle will eventually do something crazy and unexpected and be alert to react at a moment’s notice. Keep at least two seconds of cushion between the vehicle in front of you and yourself. If you’re on a high-speed roadway, give drivers ahead even more room to breathe.

3. Plan ahead: Make sure you’re not rushed when you go for a long trip, so you can take breaks to rest, make phone calls, eat food and take care of other business. Don’t eat while you’re driving, plan ahead so you have the time needed to pull over and eat your food safely. Make any needed adjustments to your vehicle before you start driving and not while you’re driving.

4. Use your common safety sense: Secure items that could roll around in your car. Don’t try to reach around for something that’s fallen on the floor while your car is moving. Keep items like change for tolls and maps within easy reach so you can have quick access to them without taking your eyes off the road. Drive sober and always wear your seatbelt.

Did you get hurt by an unsafe driver?

If you follow the above four pieces of advice, you’ll avoid many common car accident scenarios. In the event that you get hurt in a car crash due to no fault of your own, however, a Waco, Texas, personal injury attorney can help you pursue financial claims in civil court against the negligent or unlawful party who was at fault for the crash.

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