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Car Accidents

In early April, a Chevrolet Tahoe went out of control in Texas. The driver careened into oncoming traffic and slammed directly into a Suburban.

Inside were two parents and four children. They had been at a family outing, just enjoying the day together, when their lives were forever changed. Tragically, the parents were killed in the accident, as was an infant girl who was just two months old.

Two of the other children, a girl who is 8 years old and a boy who is 5 years old, suffered serious injuries. As of the latest reports, they are still in the hospital. Their great aunt wrote an update on social media and said that they have a “long journey of healing ahead.”

The great aunt also posted a picture of the two children, who had been reunited in the medical center. The picture shows them holding hands while lying on hospital beds, and she said it was the first time they have even touched one another since the crash.

The condition of the fourth sibling was not reported.

An accident like this really sheds light on the horrible emotional and financial cost of a car accident. These children’s lives have been changed forever in the span of a heartbeat. After this long in the hospital, and with their serious injuries, their medical bills will likely be enormous. They have also lost the love and support of their parents and sibling for life. That’s the type of impact that is difficult to fathom.

In a situation like this, it is very important for family members to understand all of their legal rights.

Source: 5 News, “TX: Young Siblings Reunite 3 Weeks After Surviving Car Crash That Killed Parents, Sister,”

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