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Car Accidents

A 47-year-old Waco resident entered a guilty plea to a single manslaughter charge and also two aggravated assault counts on Tuesday, Feb. 13 in a McLennan County courtroom.

The man had originally been indicted on two different manslaughter counts by a grand jury in McLennan county. Prosecutors apparently decided to drop one of those charges against him after reviewing the evidence they’d compiled in the case.

Charges that the man ultimately pleaded guilty to had been filed against him pursuant to his involvement in causing two different pregnant women’s unborn babies to die in a July 2016 car crash.

According to a police report in the case, the man had been seen driving southbound along Waco’s 38th Street immediately before crashing his vehicle into a telephone pole that day.

The impact of the single-vehicle crash apparently resulted in the man’s two pregnant passengers losing their fetuses. Both mothers survived. It’s unclear if there were any other injuries in the crash, though.

Officers investigating the crash ultimately determined that the man had likely used drugs before getting behind the wheel of his car. They concluded that he may have also been using his cellphone at the time he was involved in the crash as well.

After entering his plea, the judge presiding over the case set the date for his sentencing hearing. It’s currently scheduled for March 29 at 1:30 p.m.

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Source: NBC 6, “Waco man pleads guilty in connection with crash that killed two unborn babies,” Stephen Adams, Feb. 13, 2018

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