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Truck Accidents

Trucker distraction is one possible cause of serious semi-truck crashes. Finding out the cause of the crash is imperative for people who are planning to seek compensation for the accident. Finding out the cause was distraction opens up new questions surrounding the cause of the distraction. Consider these points when you suffer an injury in a truck accident.

#1: Distractions are plentiful

The cab of the semi truck has a lot of things that can distract a trucker. The radio the trucker communicates with dispatch is a crucial element in the truck. However, this is a distraction. Food, paperwork, navigation systems and other items are distracting. Even loose items can turn into distractions if they fall onto the floorboard.

#2: Some distractions are illegal

Federal regulations forbid truckers from using a phone while driving. Truckers mustn’t text, make phone calls or do anything requiring them to put their hands on the phone. Truckers shouldn’t even reach around to find the phone. Using a phone while trucking can lead to disqualification or fines.

#3: Even alternatives to distractions can be dangerous

Even alternatives to using a cellphone are hazardous. Hands-free devices that require the trucker to find the phone to answer the call or open the text take the trucker’s attention off the road. When the trucker doesn’t have to touch the phone, distractions still occur because the trucker must focus on the conversation.

#4: Short distractions are dangerous

A semi truck going 55 miles per hour travels the length of a full-size football field in under five seconds. A trucker who isn’t paying attention to the road because of a distraction won’t look at the road during that entire distance. This can prove dangerous or deadly.

#5: Distracted truckers are more likely to have a safety critical event

Safety critical events, which include crashes, near crashes and similar events, occur more frequently when something is distracting a trucker. A trucker who is texting is 23.2 times more likely to have a safety critical event than a trucker who is paying full attention to the road.

#6: Victims of distracted driving crashes can take action

Victims of distracted trucking crashes can opt to seek compensation for their injuries. Determining the cause of the distraction helps the victim to determine who to hold liable for the damages. This might include more parties than only the trucker. These can include the insurer and logistics company.

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