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Truck Accidents

Big rig accidents can turn your life around – and not for the better. These accidents cause chaos in areas where there was none before. Victims of big rig crashes often need to determine the cause of the crash when they are going to seek compensation. This is sometimes easy to do, but other times it is much more difficult. Consider these five reasons of big rig crashes if the cause of your crash isn’t immediately known.

Distracted driving

Driver distraction is a huge issue. Cellphone usage, eating, changing the radio station and reaching for items are top causes of distracted driving of truckers. The issue of distractions is so prevalent that the federal government has taken specific steps to dissuade truckers from driving while distracted. Using a cellphone or texting while trucking can land a trucker in serious trouble that includes disqualifications and civil fines.

Fatigued driving

Fatigue is troubling for all drivers, even truckers. Lack of sleep isn’t the only cause of . Medical conditions, environmental factors and driving on familiar roads are also possible causes of fatigued driving that truckers might contend with. Hours of Service regulations are one way the government has tried to prevent fatigued trucking.

Equipment failure

Components of a semi truck must work properly to ensure the truck operates as intended. A failed component, including ones with defects, can lead to accidents. The brakes are one system that can show the importance of them working properly. A vehicle moving 55 miles per hour travels the length of a football field in under five seconds. Imagine the devastation if the big rig is unable to stop for traffic that’s slowed or stopped.

Improper load securement

Loads on trucks must have proper securement. When these loads aren’t properly secured, they can shift. This can lead to the load coming off of the truck or it can lead to the truck causing an accident. In either case, devastation can occur. Making sure that the load on the tractor-trailer is properly secured is one of the top things a trucker should check before pulling out.

Reckless driving due to deadlines

Trucking companies often give truckers tight deadlines. The desire to meet these deadlines can cause truckers to drive unsafely. Speeding or skirting around safety regulations might occur. A trucker who is driving recklessly or negligently puts others on the road in danger. Checking for safety violations might unearth this type of issue.

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