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Truck Accidents

If you are like other drivers in Waco, you have probably found yourself riding next to a semitruck and hoping it did not decide to change lanes at that precise moment. You may have even seen the aftermath of wrecks involving semitrucks on Interstate 35. When it comes to a crash involving a semi and a passenger vehicle, it is usually the passenger vehicle that comes out a mangled mess.

You might be wondering how you can avoid a wreck with a semi the next time you are driving down the highway. Here are some tips to stay safe.

No sudden braking

If you are driving in front of a large truck, it is vital that you remember that these vehicles do not have the same capabilities as your sedan. These trucks need much more room to come to a safe stop. This means that you should try to avoid slamming on your brakes if there is a truck traveling close behind you. The driver will more than likely be incapable of stopping such a large and heavy vehicle in time to avoid a collision.

Don’t pass on the right

Avoid passing a semi on the right. The reason for this is that the right side of a truck has a much larger blind spot than the left. If the truck driver decided to change lanes, it is unlikely he or she will be able to see you if you are traveling on the right of the rig.

No crowding

As mentioned above, semitrucks do not handle the same as smaller and lighter vehicles. They need more time and space to execute a turn. If there is a truck turning in front of you, slow down and give the driver plenty of time and room to get the truck through the turn.

Stay visible

When possible, travel where the driver of a large truck can see you. If you are riding behind or on the side, be sure you position your car so that it is visible in the truck’s side mirrors. If the driver can see you, it greatly reduces your risk of an accident.

While the above tips can help you stay safe when you have to share the road with a semi, it is not always possible to avoid a wreck. If you have suffered an injury due to a collision with a commercial truck, you might be able to take legal action and fight for compensation for your injuries and other damages that resulted from the accident.

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