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Child Injury

As parents, we all share one thing and that is the feeling that we would do anything to make our injured child feel better, safer and simply more loved. Child injuries can occur in so many ways. He or she could have a completely accidental bicycle crash and break an arm. In another example, the child could fall off playground equipment and injure his or her leg.

Most of us know that the examples above are pure accidents that nearly all kids have. The scrapes and scars they acquire in such cases usually become badges of bravery and honor among the child’s friends. What about the more serious child injuries that are caused by someone else’s pure negligence, carelessness or reckless behaviors? One of the first and most powerful emotions parents feel in these cases is anger.

Unfortunately, this anger can spill out in the most inappropriate of places: the Texas courtroom. If your child is injured because of persistent physical bullying, parental anger can be especially powerful. The same is true if a drunken driver runs over your child and causes serious injuries.

Although we know it can be one of the most difficult tasks you have ever attempted, we urge you very strongly to keep your anger in check. Some consequences of giving in to anger include contempt of court charges, upsetting your already injured and troubled child and taking credibility away from the case you and your lawyer worked so hard to create.

We want to take this moment to encourage you to maintain control over your feelings of anger and helplessness. Talk to your lawyer about these feelings if you need to vent and try to maintain a professional demeanor during the proceedings at all times. This not only helps keep your legal case strong and solid, but it also models the good behavior that you want your kids to emulate. Trusting in your attorney can help you find the justice you and your young one need to heal and move forward. Learn more on our blog and our page dedicated to child injuries.

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