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Premises Liability

The holiday season has long passed but that doesn’t stop Waco residents from heading out to Texas shopping centers and malls to snag a good deal. Many people view shopping as a type of therapeutic experience — even though there are so many ways that someone can get hurt while out shopping.

You don’t even have to leave your vehicle to get hurt while out shopping. Auto accidents in mall parking lots are quite common. This is one of the reasons that you’ll often see a security vehicle traveling in circles around this area. They’re in part looking to deter motorists from driving recklessly through parking lots.

Other dangers lurk in shopping center parking lots once you get out of your car. There are runaway carts, moving automobiles and potential potholes. You can suffer serious injuries if you’re struck by either an automobile or even a fast-moving shopping cart. You can end up with lower extremity or back injuries if you fall into a pothole.

One danger that you have to be on the lookout for when there’s a big sale going on is the crowds. Fellow shoppers may trample, elbow or kick you to make it to the deals first.

Stores should be keen to quickly clean up spills and to only wax the floors when stores are closed. Many don’t do either one of these though. These are two factors that can result in a slip and fall.

Products are supposed to be stowed securely on the shelves overhead. Customers are supposed to ask for help if they can’t reach them. Employees should monitor floors or shelving to make sure that everything is kept tidy. If they don’t do this, then something may fall from the shelf and injure a customer.

There are a variety of hazards that exist in stores at shopping centers and malls. A premises liability attorney can review the details surrounding your Waco accident and advise you whether you may be eligible for compensation under Texas law.

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